I passed out in Milan. 

Alcohol + shisha + 34 degrees Milanese summer = not too good for Canz. 

I was enjoying some down time after walking around the city center. Man, it was really hot. Even hotter than Singapore. I probably should’ve known better to drink more water. 

The three of us shared a shisha and I had a frozen daiquiri. All was chill, until I shut my eyes. 

Fabien was taking a nap on the couch in our shisha cafe and he looked so comfortable. So I slept as well. 

When I woke up, I felt all kinds of woozy. I went straight for the toilet, but in the wrong direction. The cafe staff pointed me in the correct direction. But I didn’t make it. 

I was grasping on the walls for support and before I knew it, I was on the floor. The staff member immediately ran to me and started patting my face, worriedly asking, “Miss, are you ok? Are you ok?”

I was not. 

The last time I passed out was in JC, during my first trip to the club. My friends had to heave me out by my shoulders. Since then, I had always been careful with going over my alcohol limit. 

I’m so thankful for the staff members at Sherazade Shisha. They immediately brought over some sugar water to line my stomach. 

I just feel so embarrassed 😭 my mother didn’t raise me to behave like this in public. 

Definitely keeping a water bottle close by for the rest of summer. I was so scared to have to be rushed to the hospital. 

Shisha at the Sherazade is 15€ each and cocktails are all 10€. And of course, we will be leaving a tip. 

Sherazade Shisha is located at Via Friuli, 15/17, 20135 Milano. The nearest metro station is Lodi Tibb on line M3. 


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